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    Published: 2013-11-06, by .

    Relax, read, and meditate in this digital zen temple

    • Nice idea
    • Constantly crashes

    "Whatever happened to Indiana Jones?"

    Not everyone can hop a plane to go find inner peace in an actual zen temple. For those of us who have life obligations apart from considering koans, StarcoStudio's iZen Temple could theoretically stand in as a digital replacement. That is, if the app could stop crashing.

    Imagine if you were within the smooth white walls of the most peaceful jungle wat possible, meditating on the sound of one hand clapping. Suddenly, the temple around you disappears, the dripping of drops from the ends of fronds ceases, and you find yourself back in the confines of airport customs. That's what trying to use this app is like.

    There appear to be many different sections of meditative readings and suggested relaxation exercises included in the app, but since every single one of them force-closed before I could read them, I count myself neither zenned nor amused.

    StarcoStudio's iZen Temple is a sweet idea, but there's no way I can relax when the app constantly crashes.

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    Nov 06, 2013


    The iZen Temple is an application created for finding a place to relax, read and meditate.

    Gradually we will add new knowledge and new zen music. Give us a hand to build a comprehensive

    application that will allow us to make good use of the time we have for ourselves.

    This is not just a project for teaching meditation but it is building an entire temple in which

    to learn and connect with all those who have a special concern knowing ourselves, to know the

    teachings of the ancient and early masters and learn to dominate our minds and our consciousness.

    - Photos zen
    - Zen Music
    - Zen Meditation

    We hope you enjoy and contribute to creating and providing either improve your comments, donating

    or otherwise. If you find a little peace in here we already won!

    Best wishes

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