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    Jogging Tracker is an automatic stopwatch and GPS run tracker that users use to track their running or jogging.

    The app is simple - select the distance wait for the signal and run :) It will automatically track your running using GPS and stop exactly when you pass the selected distance. It is much more easy to use than other sports tracker apps. You can now store and analyze your training sessions on your device. No internet logging - it works just offline.

    Jogging Tracker will show the following data on the display, which makes it the best tracker for your runs:

    1. Time.
    2. Path.
    3. Distance between start and end point.
    4. Runner top speed
    5. Average speed
    6. Current speed
    7. Trace of the route
    8. Speed Chart

    Jogging Tracker is using audio signals so you can prepare for the start, start exactly with the stopwatch and stop on the finish signal. We created the Jogging Tracker for the competitive persons who want to track their progress while running and as the app is great you should know that it is still in its initial state so we came with even more great features in future!

    Jogging Tracker has 12 predefined standard running distances you can choose from and a free running mode as well.

    500 meters running
    800 meters running
    1000 meters running
    1500 meters running
    2 km running
    3 km running
    5 km running
    10 km running
    1 mile running
    2 miles running
    3 miles running
    5 miles running
    Free running - run your own distance

    Jogging Tracker is recording all your times and will show you a nice speed chart for the distance. You can preview the history at any time as it stays at your phone and you can also open and analyze it in Excel as it is recorded in CSV file.

    You can preview the history by tapping on Menu -> History
    You can switch the display units (km and miles are supported)
    The history is also saved as a csv file so you can copy it and preview it in Excel.

    It is much more simple than other sports trackers. There are no calories, weight loss or friends! No WiFi needed. It is just about you, your running, your time, and your speed!
    Can be used also for walking, bicycle and even with a car as it is also a great speed meter ! it is a new epoch in running!

    If you have some cool ideas about Jogging Tracker you can write them here as a comments. We will read all of them and try to implement the best and most useful of them.

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