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    we will take care of the rest. Whether you are looking to detox, have more energy, lose weight,
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    ★★OUR PICKS★★
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    This recipe has just the right combination of slow digesting Strawberries, Grapefruit, Oranges
    and hint of appetite crushing protein.

    ★TOP RATED FOR DETOX: “Spicy Lemon Cleanse”
    Good Bye Toxins! That’s what your body will be saying after this drink. It combines Apple,
    Lemon, Ginger and more!

    ★TOP RATED FOR ENERGY: “Glass of Energy”
    Everyone will be green with envy with all the energy this drink packs! Spinach, Wheatgrass,
    Cucumbers, and more!!!

    ★TOP RATED FOR GREEN: Lean Green Sex Machine
    If you need a little boost in libido (who doesn’t). This recipe will do it. Combines Spinach,
    Alfalfa Sprouts, Wheatgrass and more!!!

    Too much to drink. No problem. This blend is packed with electrolytes, phytonutrients, and
    vitamins and more. Just the right combination of Broccoli, Apple, Cauliflower and more! You’ll
    be up and going ready to party again.

    ★TOP RATED FOR CLEANSE: “Happy Colon”
    Yes! This drink is awesome for cleaning out the “Junk in Your Trunk”. Cabbage, Beets, Kiwi
    and more! Forget wimpy over the counter cleansers this will leave them in the dust.

    ★TOP RATED FOR HEALTHY TREAT: “Apple Addiction”
    Warning this tastes so good, it should be bad for you. Sweet Apples, Carrots, a touch of
    cinnamon and more! You’ll swear it taste like grandma’s apple pie.

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    Mark Patrick, the creator of the Juicing Recipe App, is also the author of the best-selling book
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