Smart Sleep Manager" has a new name - "JUKUSUI"!

    NEW: Cloud Storage Available
    You can keep all of your sleep record safe on a dedicated server. All you need to do is sign up for this service on the app. Once you log in, your daily sleep record is automatically accumulated in the server. You don't need to back up the data. Even when you change your device, such as iOS to Android and vice versa, your data can be transferred from your old device to the new advice.

    You can see the stored sleep record on the Web browser. By logging into the service on the website ( using the account, you can see all of your sleep record. Moreover, you can edit the data on both your smartphone and your computer. Once edited, the data stored on the app will be automatically synced with the data stored on the server.

    This cloud storage service is free. Why don't you experience this amazing service?
    Note: On starting this service, the existing backup/restore function is no longer available.

    (This website is currently written in Japanese language only. )

    JUKUSUI is a multi-functional alarm clock designed to improve your sleep. For people who have trouble falling asleep or waking up, it has a lot of amazing functions to improve their sleep habits. "Lull Sounds" help you fall asleep faster and relaxed. This is very good for people who suffer from insomnia, who have trouble falling asleep or who need to relax more in sleeping. "Smart Alarm" is available for those who always wake up feeling tired, who turn off the alarm only to fall back to sleep or who have trouble waking up in the morning due to hypotension. This monitors body movements using accelerometer in your smartphone and activates the alarm when you're in light sleep. Note: Smart Alarm would wake you up much earlier than the time you set. Moreover, "Sleep Reports" offer your hours of sleep, bedtime, wake-up time, sleep cycle and sleep evaluation. To use this Report function, just tap a "Bedtime" button when you sleep, and tap a "Wake-up" button when you wake up. This function helps you to find the tendency of your sleep and to improve the quality of your sleep.

    - "Lull Sounds" help you sleep comfortably. Original healing sounds are available. (Works better with a headphone.)
    - "Smart Alarm" detects your light sleep and wakes you up.
    - "Sleep Report" offers the summary of your sleep and sleep evaluation.
    - Try "Wake-up Task" when you have trouble getting up or when you don't want to oversleep.
    - "Auto Vibrate mode" and "auto airplane mode" are available for those who don’t want their sleep to be disturbed by a ringtone or a notification sound.
    - Once you add a widget on the home screen, you can start keeping a sleep log with a single tap.
    - "Daily & Monthly Reports" help you find out your best sleep rhythm.
    - Customize "alarm options" such as snooze, repeat and vibration.

    - Some parts of Lull Sounds
    - Some parts of Alarm Sounds
    5 Lull Sounds and 5 Alarm Sounds are available for free!
    You can purchase more sounds in this app. (99 yen for 1 sound.)

    For any requests or questions about this app, please contact us at:

    To use for downloading music data.

    To use for controlling the sound volume of Alarm Sounds and Lull Sounds.

    To use for controlling the sound volume and to prevent the system to sleep while downloading music data or acquiring sleep log.

    To use for saving music data.

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