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    If you live alone, no matter what your age, Just Check'n In is for you! Most of us don't ever think we will have a medical emergency. However, for those that live alone, a minor yet incapacitating emergency can turn into a life threatening problem. If you become incapacitated for any reason, within 30 hours Just Check'n In will text a friend or loved one and ask them to check up on you.

    It's simple and only takes a few seconds each day. Just set the alert time, add a friend or loved one's cell phone number, and then every day press the "Check In" button. That's it! If you ever become incapacitated and fail to check-in, then Just Check'n In will send a text message to the cell phone you designated. If you're forgetful, don't worry, Just Check'n In will remind you when it's time to check-in.

    Just Check'n In has a few settings and takes just a moment to get running:
    • Enable alert: Turn alert on/off
    • Alert time
    • Cell phone number: You must enter the number of a cell phone that is able to receive text messages.
    • Message text: This is the text message that is sent when the alert goes off. You can set your own message or use the default message.
    • Single alert: If the alert is triggered (ie when you don't check-in), do you want Just Check'n In to turn off or reset the alert time for the following day?
    • Audio alerts: You can include an audio alarm when you are notified that it's time to check-in. For now your default alarm sound will be used. We're working on allowing you to set the sound.

    Once you enable Just Check'n In and set the alert time, you will need to check-in each day. You can check-in up to 5 hours before the alert time. Just Check'n In will notify you when it's time to check-in. To check-in you simply launch Just Check'n In and press the "Check In" button (only visible within 5 hours of the alert time). Once you've checked-in, the alert time will be reset to the same time on the following day. So you're all set.

    If you're on vacation and want to temporarily stop Just Check'n In, no problem, just disable the alert in the settings. When you're ready to start using Just Check'n In again, turn it back on and you're good to go. Just Check'n In will remember all of your settings.

    Be sure to keep your Android on because Just Check'n In can't send the alert text if your phone is off or unable to get cell reception (WiFi isn't yet supported). No system is perfect and no alert system can handle all situations. Even so, Just Check'n In is a simple, inexpensive, and powerful tool that can help keep you safe.

    Just Check'n In requires a few permissions:
    • Your messages (edit SMS): This permission necessary to create your text message.
    • Services that cost you money (send SMS): This permission allows Just Check'n In send your text message. At most one text message will be sent per day and a text message will only be sent if you fail to check-in.
    • System tools (prevent phone from sleeping): If the alert triggers (i.e. you didn't check-in) then Just Check'n In needs to be able to wake up your phone to send your text message.
    • System tools (automatically start at boot): The alert time needs to be reset when the phone is turned on.
    • Network communications (Market license check): This permission allows Just Check'n In to validate your license.
    • Hardware controls (control vibrator): The phone will vibrate when Just Check'n In notifies you that it's time to check-in or that the alert was triggered causing a text message to be sent.

    If you have any problems, please email us: