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    Yoga is an art or science that is a union between the body and mind of the body, mind and spirit. It is a state of consciousness which one uses to reach the state of union with the divine lord. Yoga is found in hundreds of techniques that follow four paths; Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga.

    Karma yoga is basically the path of action of selfless service that of course, places emphasis on selfless action and service. The basic principle that is propagated in karma yoga is the fact that we have to always work in harmony with the lord. Anything done against the lord is not productive and does not produce any results.

    When on the path of karma yoga, one no longer is egotistically motivated as you stop to maintain any obsessive desires related to the future. This is because once the feeling of compulsive or obsessive desire is eliminated from yourself; you tend to find it possible to live in the present, while you find it possible to plan for the future. Whatever planning you have for the future here has no connections whatsoever with the boundaries of the future.

    Usually, any desire you have in life is fulfilled mainly because of the results you anticipate from them. This means that you are propelled to reaching your goals only because of the results you anticipate from it. You are propelled to reach the goal only in anticipation of the results.

    However in karma yoga, you are not drawn to your goal for the results you expect from them. You learn to relinquish egotistic desires and thus become more open to practical aspects of inner guidance in your body. With this, you work with a cheerful and stress free attitude to reach your goal for you know that you are doing what you are best suited to do and are happy with yourself.

    Maintaining the right attitude is an important part of karma yoga. It is only jobs that are liberating or binding that are considered to be karma yoga jobs. To be successful in karma yoga, you only use your hands to work as your mind is always fixed on the feet of the lord and not on the consequences or results you anticipate on completing your job.

    With karma yoga, it is important that you have the right motive to your job. It is only pure motives that remain successful. Usually a person embarks on some work thinking of the fruits of the work. This maintains such a frame in the person that it is quite impossible to think of any work that has no reward. This is not followed in karma yoga as here, a job or work is fulfilled only with the intention of completing the work and not for the rewards that accompany it.

    Karma yoga places emphasis on you doing your duty to god, the inner teacher who teaches you how to handle the different circumstances of your life. With this, you tend to do whatever you do to the best of your ability. Whatever better ways you know of attaining your goal, has to be implemented in karma yoga.

    When you follow karma yoga, you don't hold back for fear of effort or criticism. You don't work sloppily just because there is no one watching you or because you don't like your job. You give your best to whatever work you do so that you get the maximum of good, and the least of evil.

    Karma and yoga ensures that you follow god's whims and desires in whatever you do. You don't do anything for your personal benefit; it is all done to satisfy the Lord. No job is inferior or superior to you as you see God in everything around you. And with this, you do whatever job you are doing, to your best capability.

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