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    Large collection of animated knots for climbing, boating, fishing, rescue, and other purposes. HQ animations to learn them fast.

    List of included Animated knots: Packer's knot, Ashley stopper knot, Blake's hitch, Bowline, Bowline on a bight, Buntline, Butterfly bend, Butterfly loop, Carrick bend, Cat's paw, Clove hitch, Constrictor's knot, Double bowline, Double figure eight, Double fisherman's knot, Double overhand, Double sheet bend, Figure eight bend, Figure eight follow-thru, Figure eight loop, Figure eight on a bight, Fireman's chair, Fisherman's bend, French bowline, Half hitch, Heaving line knot, Honda knot, Hunter's bend, Icicle hitch, Inline figure eight, Karash harness, Klemheist hitch, Lighterman's hitch, Miller's knot, Monkey fist, Monkey fist heaving, Mooring hitch, Munter hitch, Overhand knot, Overhand knot with draw-loop, Adjustable grip hitch, Perfection loop, Pipe hitch, Prusik hitch, Reef knot (Square knot), Round turn, Running bowline, Sheet bend, Slip knot, Slipped buntline, Stevedore knot, Surgeon's knot, Surgeon's loop, Taut-line hitch, Timber hitch, Triple bowline, Triple crown knot, Trucker's hitch, Two half hitches, Water bowline, Water knot, Yosemite bowline, Zeppelin bend

    Tags: buntline hitch , animated knots miller's knot

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    Michael Gray

    by Michael Gray

    Jun 26, 2015  |  "Poor"

    Would probably be a good knot tying if it would actually work and not cause my phone to glitch out.

    Dave Wade

    by Dave Wade

    Dec 15, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Great animations.