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    In health related emergency situations, the needs of blood has been found to be the most demanding entity. In Saudi Arabia we have a lot of people who wish to donate. But at times we are suffering from lack of blood in blood banks, the reason being there is no connection between the blood banks and the donors. In this technological era, the blood donation problems have been handled by different tools like the announcement using the SMS or a social website. Some non-commercial websites has been created such as "freeblood" and "UAEdonors". There are systems (websites and applications) around the world that present some solution to the problem we are addressing, but most of them are similar and have disadvantages. The main drawback in the existing systems that we have studied so far is it contains static information in the database, which needs hard work to update (Lack of a dynamic solution). The location of donors and response time need to be determined and to be updated fast as soon as possible. Our system is aimed to replace the old donors' lists and all the old paper work with really easy system that can find the donors based on some data and criteria. So Hospitals and the people who need blood can find them easily by their nearest location, available time, and same blood type. Our system at in its final version will be able to facilitate the search process for needy people and make it easier than before. Increase number of donors by increasing the facilities provided to them and Increase the awareness of the society about the importance of blood donation. In our research we used throwaway prototyping model. It is a software development methodology, where the requirements of the system are validated through a prototype. After that we can take suggestions and additions for the system. The final deliverables of the system will consists of a web system and mobile application:
    • Web System:
    Hospitals can find donors easily by their nearest location considering their free times, blood type, and last donation time and send a notification message to them. Hospitals can easily access and update donor's info, also insert donors' blood tests.
    • Mobile App:
    The system takes the user's location via GPS and updating their location automatically or as the user's choice and it receives notifications from the hospital. Also, the user can perform all the web operations by the mobile app.

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