LAS Mobile Monitor

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    Use a phone to keep an eye on Grandma or Grandpa.

    The app monitors the phone for a shock/bump strong enough that it might mean Grandma or Grandpa may have fallen down. If this is detected, a SMS text message is sent to a caretaker's cell phone to let them know that their charge may have fallen. As texting is not always easy for the elderly and disabled, the app also has buttons for Grandpa to send fixed SMS messages like "Call me", "I'm OK", and "Thank you". If they need help and can't talk, help is one button away.

    The app also monitors the phone's GPS (or LBS if the GPS is off) and uploads the phone's location to the LAS server. If Granny wanders off, her caretaker can look on a map at and find her.

    * Starts when phone boots up.
    * Reports via SMS text if the phone detects a bump that might mean the user has fallen.
    * GPS/LBS location reporting
    * GPS coordinates and compass bearing (NSWE) is displayed on the screen so the user can read it or use the compass while someone tells them how to get home. Nothing is worse than having someone tell you to go North when you have no idea which way is North.
    * Buttons to send SMS text to their caretaker
    * Pressing the logo button at the top of the screen exposes Setup buttons used to enter Grandma/Grandpa's name and the cell phone number of his caretaker
    * Button to visit the LAS website

    Depending on the phone, you may get a few (or several) false readings on if your charge has fallen down, but if a life is saved or complications are avoided, wouldn't it be worth a few nuisance messages?

    Subscription websites are available if you don't want Grandma or Grandpa showing up on the public map at On signing up for a subscription website, you will enter in your site's name by using the Subscription button in the application.

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