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    You're sitting at your desk for hours on end, working, concentrating and dealing with the demands of your job and the people around you. Your mind is surely being exercised, but what about your body? Recent studies show that sitting for long periods of time presents significant, long-term health risks. But the short-term is important too. What about how you feel? Your back is tight, your neck is stiff, even your fingers and wrists are starting to feel like they are molded to the keyboard. When you stand up you imagine The Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, desperate for a squirt of oil. We feel your pain, which is why we created Lastics stretches for the office adapted from Donna Flagg's popular stretch class at The Joffrey Ballet School in New York City.

    Endorsed by an NBA Player, Broadway Dancer and Top NY Orthopedic Surgeon, Lastics is a unique and highly effective way to loosen up your entire body from the inside out.

    Donna Flagg, a trained dancer, created Lastics to give people a way to stretch that really works. Most people think they are stretching when they actually aren’t and they wonder why their flexibility does not improve. They assume that it is due to the natural limitations in their bodies rather than attributing it to a flaw in their technique. Lastics changes all that, and who better to show you how than a dancer?

    What’s great about these Lastics' stretches is that you can follow along and they don’t require a lot of space and time. Try them anywhere, anytime throughout the day. Incorporate them into your daily routine and notice marked improvements in your flexibility, mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

    • High-quality videos
    • Each 2-4 minutes in length
    • Easy to follow
    • Ideal for anytime, anywhere
    • Better than a coffee break!

    Stretching has been proven to reduce stress, improve heart health, increase circulation and much more. Get started now and join all the people who have seen and felt the benefits of Lastics.

    “Like” us on Facebook or visit and see what people are raving about.

    "I was so surprised at how firm and toned I became from just stretching and doing no other exercise.”
    "My posture improved and the tension disappeared from my back and neck.”
    "I felt totally invigorated and relaxed at the same time.”
    "Whoa. Those are some stretches! I feel great.”
    “I feel like I had a massage, only better.”

    If you are interested in the full Lastics workout on DVD, you can find it in our store @

    Visit our website at for more information or to provide feedback, please email us at Oh, and follow us on Twitter @lastics too!

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