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    Leaky gut syndrome is also known as increased intestinal permeability. It occurs when the lining of the intestines becomes inflamed and irritated.The lining usually prevents substances from passing through it, but when it becomes compromised, it can no longer do its job properly. The intestinal walls become damaged or porous. This results in the intestines actually leaking toxins like bacteria, fungi, parasites, undigested particles of food, fat, and waste into the bloodstream. There are several results due to your body’s autoimmune response.

    Food sensitivities or allergies can occur due to your body’s autoimmune response. When your antibodies attack certain particles of food, they wait for them to appear again. Once you have eaten more of the food that your antibodies just attacked, your antibodies recognize it as an enemy and attack it again.

    The body’s autoimmune response can also be the cause of many of the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. You may experience abdominal bloating, excess gas, and cramps. Once your immune system gets over worked from fighting these toxins, you may experience exhaustion, sleep that doesn't refresh you, inability to cope with stress, difficulty concentrating, and poor digestion.

    Many people with leaky gut complain of poor immunity, recurrent bladder infections, recurrent vaginal infections, skin rashes, bed-wetting, chronic joint pain, and chronic muscle pain. Plus, more serious conditions can occur such as fibromyalgia, gluten intolerance, acne, pancreatitis, septicemia, dermatitis, and even cancer.

    Once you know that you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome, you can take the necessary steps to overcome it. The easiest way to do this is to change your diet. Do this by eliminating certain foods from your diet for one month – foods that typically give people stomach problems. Some of these foods include bananas, strawberries, some citrus fruits, dairy products, foods with yeast, caffeine, chocolate, and peanuts. You can also add foods like apples, apricots, lettuce, beets, carrots, spinach, figs, and grapes. For the first month, you can also include pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, brown and wild rice, sunflower seeds, and kale. Since it was food that caused the problems with your intestines, it makes sense that food could be the thing that works the best to cure this syndrome.

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