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    An application to calculate your macros according to Andy's macro calculating guidelines. Please make sure to read how macro calculation according to leangains and intermittent fasting works and what it is supposed to tell you. This calculator is merely for convenience.

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    Tallis Holowka

    by Tallis Holowka

    Nov 04, 2015  |  "Great"

    I use it in conjunction with the "my fitness pal" app to keep my diet in check. Seems to be good guidelines, but too soon to tell if the leangains system works for me. As a bonus, I get a tiny picture of a hot guy on my phone!

    Darth Anubis

    by Darth Anubis

    Jul 28, 2015  |  "OK"

    Not an 'app'

    Robert Marzett

    by Robert Marzett

    Apr 23, 2015  |  "Good"

    It would be nice if you guys added the ability to save and load results. Without that functionality, there is no added benefit to installing the app instead of just using the web based calculator.

    Aeran Doron

    by Aeran Doron

    Jan 30, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    i got ripped just by installing the app. seriously though, it's awesome. way better than the excel version i spent an hour working on.

    Bob Fleming

    by Bob Fleming

    Jan 07, 2015  |  "Poor"

    I tested this by first using mifflin st jeors calculation (considered the most accurate equation for BMR) and then taking 20% off and adding 20% on to give me the totals for recomp. Gave me 3124 work out days, 2197 non work out days....... App gave my 5369 and 3527!!!! What the hell!!!! I'm 163lb and set the app to lightly active, I didn't set it to pro athlete!!!! Totally out of wack!!!! Needs so

    BIPLOB Gogoi

    by BIPLOB Gogoi

    Nov 17, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    nice one