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    It’s “Learn Yoga” app for your mobile device for you to utilize the benefits of yoga asanas and exercises to get relief from the most common ailments. It is a best collection of videos of the famous yogic gurus like Baba Ramdev, Paschimottanm, Peggy Cappy among others who will give you live demonstration of the yoga exercises pertaining to the particular diseases or health issues like

    • Heart diseases
    • Diabetes
    • High Blood pressure
    • Obesity
    • Arthritis and
    • Asthma.

    You can also find brief description of some of the important and most common yoga poses which are really beneficial in cure or in prevention of the above mentioned ailments.

    It is our effort to help you to understand, learn and perform yoga that pertains to the above mentioned health issues. Each category has particular description about the yoga asanas and yoga exercises including links of videos from you tubes of the famous yogic gurus. You can learn yoga and follow them every day to redeem extreme benefits of yogic exercises.

    Since centuries yoga has proved beneficial in curing and preventing of many of the diseases. Yoga means to yoke or unite and attain spirituality and peace through postures, breathing techniques and movements as a means of holistic health.

    There are many types of yoga practices which range from most calm posture Hatha yoga to the more challenging Ashtanga yoga. All the yoga techniques have tremendous health benefits. Yoga helps in building your immune system, increase your muscular range of motion, purifies toxins from your blood stream and this list goes on and on.
    According to the studies, diseases of the heart diseases can be prevented and even cured by bringing in changing in life style and getting healthy heart. Though surgery and drugs can cure heart problems but are not the ultimate healers. Yoga exercises cannot only prevent several heart diseases but also enhances overall health of the person and retains healthy heart for the life time.

    The same is true with other health issues or ailments. You can improve or even cure your asthma attacks through proper yoga learning and performing yogic exercises.
    Features of the yoga app

    •Categorization of Most Common Health Issues
    •Few Links to videos from you tube of famous gurus/teachers which is related to that particular disease.
    •Explanation of asana or exercise in simple language
    •Follow your own regime and redeem the benefits of yoga
    •Best support
    •Easy navigation
    •Is compatible with all versions.

    Yoga learning and yogic exercises every day through yoga app can help you to gain many other health benefits too besides above. So download the app fast and enrich your life yogic way.

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