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    Level Xtreme Ultimate Workout

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    Are you interested in building strength, tone your muscles, and build endurance? Don't feel like spending money on gym equipment, or worse yet, get stuck in a contract at a gym that you can't escape? Well you just found the right app my friend.

    Created by an 9 year Black Belt in Martial Arts, whom consulted physical trainers, Level Xtreme or LX is a workout system that strengthens and tones the muscles in your chest, arms, legs, stomach, and most importantly, your heart. You do not have to use any gym equipment. Simply by using your own body weight, objects in your home, or by doing isometric/ isotonic exercises, you really feel the burn. Each day the app gives you a new series of workouts to complete. By constantly switching up your routine your body never gets a chance to become worn in to any particular exercise, which allows your body to get a good workout each time. This workout is strictly built to not keep track of reps and instead to burn your muscles until they fatigue allowing them to get the most out of each workout. Give it a try and you will feel the burn!

    The LX Philosophy: By not counting your reps you are breaking down the barriers your mind creates for you. Rather than reaching your rep limit and your mind saying, "that is enough" or "I can't go any further", you are allowing your body to push your muscles to their limits. Doing this not only gives your muscles the intense workout they need to build, but you are also getting rid of the limits your mind tries to impose on your body.

    The LX Workout is perfect for athletes, hard-care weightlifters, and the average joe alike. LX allows your body to build endurance by constantly pushing your limits. So when everyone else is fatigued in the fourth quarter or the 9th inning, you will still being going strong right into overtime. Don't be just another average athlete, set yourself apart from the rest by shedding yourself of all your barriers!

    Coming soon:
    *Videos to assist you with becoming familiar with each workout.

    *More exercises


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