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    Let this free app to help you in losing weight. Light music are provided in this app, it may helps when you feel tired or depressed. Come to have a try!

    Helps in losing weight
    No side effects
    Light music
    Knowledge about obesity
    Refreshing interface

    Specific Introduction
    1. Start
    Open this section when you are ready to lose weight.
    This app could help you to lose weight by vibrate itself. Click the Play icon in the top of this interface to start the vibration, the other icon is used to turn off it.
    You can adjust the stepless shifting gear under these icons.
    The rest part of this app is for light music, icons like play, next and preview are displayed here. Light music here contains Black Blue, Melon Street Book Club and Relief. Choose your favorite to hear or you can listen to them one by one.

    2. About obesity.
    You can see some questions here, they are for obesity and you can click them to see the introductions.
    Obesity makes you ill at ease. So the weight control is very important. Take it seriously!

    3. About
    This part gives you a brief introduction of this app. we hope that it could help you in making good use of this app.

    Press the fourth part, Exit, to exit this app. or it will works all the time.

    This app is fake. Just have fun!
    To create more free apps, this FREE app may contain some icon ads or notification ads.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Light music is originated in the 19th century, it is a generic term applied to a mainly British musical style of ¡°light¡± orchestral music. It is popular in the US and in continental Europe, although it is a mainly British phenomenon.

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