LITE Relaxing Sounds & Alarm




    LITE VERSION FOR Relaxing Sounds & Alarm app.
    ONLY FIRST 4 SOUNDS WORKING IN LITE VERSION.Please buy full version for all sounds to work.
    Get the relaxing sounds you need to fall asleep and a custom alarm to wake you up in the morning!
    Whether a nature sounds of heavy rain or sound of soft waves,sound of waterfall or white noise- the relaxing sounds in this app should make you fall asleep easily.
    NO Wi-Fi needed!

    The size of this app is just 16 MB which makes it easy to download anywhere and no Wi-Fi is required

    This app provides you with 26 relaxing sounds of:
    - Aquarium
    - Dryer
    - Fire
    - Heavy Rain
    - Creek
    - Air Conditioner
    - Crickets
    - Rain on Car
    - Soft Waves
    - Loud Waves
    - Bubbles
    - Hair Dryer
    - Morning Birds
    - White Noise
    - Brown Noise
    - Pink Noise
    - Wind Chimes
    - Walking
    - Shower
    - Sprinkler
    - Dishwasher
    - Waterfall
    - Beach
    - Water Drop
    - Water Drop slow
    - In the Crowd

    Tab on the screen and pick from 10 custom alarm sounds :

    -Bell Ringing Alarm
    -Bicycle Bell
    -Disconnected phone
    -Door Knock
    -Police Sirens

    LITE version for Relaxing Sounds & Alarm app.
    ONLY FIRST 4 SOUNDS WORKING IN LITE VERSION! This is designed for people who would like to find out how the full version works before they spend $0.99 for full version

    This app introduces many calming (sleep) sounds- music to your ears to help you relax and break away from stress.
    Nature sounds combined with other calming sounds in this app.People ambience will make you feel right in the middle of a peaceful crowd.This app is also baby friendly: sounds of soft waves or a creek will help your baby fall asleep faster.
    Sleep through the night and get awaken by a built-in custom alarm!

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