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    Your Low Back NEEDS to be regularly stretched and strengthened! Protect Ur BACK!

    The fundamentals to a successful back care program are stretching, strengthening and weight loss. This is the continuation in a series of Low Back stretches and strengthening exercises. By focusing for just a few minutes each day on your low back, you can see dramatic improvements in your posture, your flexibility and the strength of your lower back. This program focuses not only on your low back, but also all of the muscles and areas that CONNECT to your low back. As a result, you have the most complete protection for your low back area. DIRECTIONS: CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS OR ANY EXERCISE APP. Never push through any pain. Stretching and strengthening are only about a mild ache in your muscles…not pain. Let your body be your guide. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.
    Make sure your phone volume is set to the Maximum to be able to hear the instructions. If the sound is still not loud enough, consider using earbuds or headphones. Also make sure that any SCREEN BLANKING screen saver is turned off or to a time frame longer than this app so that your screen does not go blank in the middle of your exercise.
    Initially perform exercises in front of a mirror to confirm correct form and technique. If you are having trouble performing this App, watch it a few times to see and hear the correct form.

    The Low Back Care Complete program includes the following:

    1. Warm Up (5 min)
    This part of the program is a video. You can press on the HQ button to view the video in High Quality. This sets the next video in High Quality also. The pause button, rewind and fast forward buttons are all available by touching the screen. The volume is adjusted by using the volume adjustment button your phone.

    2. Stretching (5 min)
    This is a static image with 3 choices showing three levels of difficulty. For each stretch, choose the one that provides a dull ache without any pain. On some you may decide on the Basic level while on other stretches, you may choose a more advanced level.(The pictures do not move or change…the app is not a touch screen during the stretches.)

    3. Strengthening (6 min)

    The total time to run the Low Back Care Complete App is 16 minutes.


    1. Don't bounce!
    You will get the best stretch, and prevent injuries if you avoid bouncing. Instead, hold the stretch, and feel a constant pull in the muscles.
    2.Focus on those low back muscles.
    While a good overall routine is helpful, your emphasis should be on the low back muscles since they will be most heavily involved in your workout.
    3. Warm up before stretching.
    Just some easy walking or a light jog will be sufficient to warm up your muscles, but it will make the stretching session much more valuable.
    4. Begin slowly.
    You don't need to touch your toes right away: Begin slowly and push yourself as your muscles loosen up. Stretching too much, too soon can be painful and potentially harmful.
    5. Hold the stretch.
    Once you feel your muscles reaching their limit, hold the position for a count of 5 and BREATHE. Then push yourself a little further and hold again for a count of 5 and BREATHE.
    6. Don't rush your stretching routine. If you're going to have to cut your workout short, don't skip or shorten the stretching. This is more important than an extra set of reps or another half mile.
    7. Losing weight will significantly help your low back. If you are overweight, then losing weight will give you large gains in your efforts to improve your low back.
    8.Do it again.
    Once you're finished working out, stretch again. Not only is it an excellent way to cool down from your workout, but this is the time that you will improve your flexibility the most.

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    Kevin Grold

    by Kevin Grold

    May 26, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    I use all three apps. This one is the most difficult but they are all good for focusing my time and effort on exactly what I want--my low back. The combination of images and videos on YouTube works really well to convey the exercises.Great Job!

    David ellis

    by David ellis

    Feb 01, 2013  |  "Good"

    It takes you to YouTube for the workout so you must have a internet connection. No response from developer.