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    Childhood is a time of rapid growth and physiological change. As the child develops fast, well baby visits have to be made to the pediatrician. During a visit, the pediatrician will record child's height, weight and head circumference. Mahalife BabyCare app eases the tracking and monitoring of child’s growth, while providing information on details like vaccination, developmental milestones. Mahalife BabyCare app also enables a parent to interact with the pediatrician.



    -In this module you can enter and save your child’s demographics
    -The app enables you to enter six child profiles
    -The information from the profile is made available to the doctor
    -For each of the child profile created, six doctors can be linked


    -This module lists all the recommended vaccines by Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP)
    -Based on the date of birth of each of the children, automatic reminder will be given so as not to miss any vaccination
    -The app also allows you to keep a note of vaccines already given for your child
    -All the vaccines given for your child will be made available for your paediatrician, for keeping a track

    Growth Tracker:

    -Growth tracker is a module which allows you to keep a track of your child’s growth which includes height, weight and head circumference
    -Growth charts are marked with percentile curves which helps you to compare child’s growth and there by seeking medical help, if needed


    -Children grow fast and developmental milestones are markers of child’s growth
    -The app lists all the milestones relevant to your child as per the child’s date of birth
    -The app allows you to check and note the milestones that are noticed
    -Note that each child is unique and the milestones may not match with what is given. For any major concerns, you may consult with your paediatrician
    -Each milestone noticed will be made available for your paediatrician

    Health Calculator:

    In this module you can calculate your child’s
    -Body Mass Index (BMI)
    -Ideal height
    -Ideal weight
    -Mid-parental height

    Ask Your Doctor:

    This module allows you to interact with your pediatrician for any concerns that you come across. Doctor can view and respond to you on the go

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