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    Massage Therapy produces a number of different benefits for the body and the person who inhabits it. These are not New Age babblings. Research provides support for several of the claims.

    Numerous research studies made by the National Institutes of Health provide some validity to support the following:

    * Patients after abdominal surgery have a quicker recovery time if they receive regular massage.
    * People suffering from hypertension show a decrease in their blood pressure after Massage Therapy sessions.
    * Sufferers of migraine headaches have a decrease in pain with a massage treatment system in place.

    Who doesn't love a good massage? The power of touch is absolutely amazing. It can heal aches, cure ailments, and just make a person feel wonderful!

    Another amazing benefit of massage is bringing you closer to a person you care about. There's no better way to establish true intimacy than through the power of touch!

    Here is what you will discover inside:

    # Who Wants A Massage?
    # Benefits Of Massage
    # Massage Prep
    # The Techniques
    # The Gift Of Massage
    # The Foot Massage
    # Babies Love Massage Too
    # Pregnancy Massage
    # Getting Oiled Up
    # Massage Oil
    # Making Your Own Massage Oil
    # Practical Self Massage
    # Sensual Massage
    # Handheld Massagers
    # Acupressure
    # How Acupressure Works
    # Locating A Pressure Point
    # Acupressure Techniques
    # How To Apply Pressure
    # Breathing
    # Things To Be Careful Of
    # Acupressure For Specific Problems

    Probably one of the most powerful preventive medicine tools available to us is that of Massage. It is one of the oldest forms of treatment and can be traced back many thousands of years to the ancient Greeks, Persians and Chinese who are said to have practiced massage as a spiritual art.

    Use massage to not only bring you closer to your partner, but to relieve pain and transport you to a state of relaxation that you've never known before.

    It's more than worth it!