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    mDiab Lite is a modern and innovative solution for the assistance of diabetic patients. You manage an electronic log book in which you record your self-monitoring data, such as blood glucose values, injected insulin, bread units and sport activities . Furthermore, you can record your weight and blood pressure.
    mDiab Lite offers a simple and intuitive user interface with four main components: input, output, communication and tools.

    The input of data is quick and easy realized in one clear step. You have the ability to store recurring entries in the Assistant. The information preset in the Assistant will help speed up the input of data. Based on the preset information, the Assistant knows for example that at 7:00 AM you are probably ready for your breakfast and how much bread units (BU) you usually take. Of course, you always have the possibility to make any changes.

    The output provides a log book with data presented in a chronological order. A filter helps you to have a view of only selected data. In addition, your data can be visualized in a statistical way. In this case, trends and deviations will be graphically presented in pies and line charts.

    The toolbox helps to personalize your mDiab Lite by setting preferred units and alert limits for hyper and hypoglycemia. The medication list facilitates the choice of the medication you take. A reminder, a BMI calculator and an insulin calculator extends the functionalities of the application.

    In mDiab Lite version you can record up to 50 entries. In the full version mDiab you can save unlimited number of records. In version mDiab Pro, the integration of your treating physician is possible. Further information on this topic and on the versions can be found under

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