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    My name is Chris Mentor and yes that is my legal name. I am a Professional Fitness Trainer, as well as a Post Rehab Specialist for head trauma and catastrophic injury patients with over a decade of experience. I take care of myself, body and mind, and pride myself on being all natural! Nothing fake or "chemically enhanced" about me. I am called a Professional Fitness Trainer rather than a "Personal Trainer" for many reasons. In the accomplished years I've been in the field of fitness, I have found with great results that people work harder in an energetic social atmosphere. Since the goal is to be in the best physical condition possible, I have developed many challenging group fitness programs and one on one programs that can and will allow you to obtain that goal. These programs are part of the M.E.N.T.O.R. CHALLENGE.

    In my professional career I have worked with sports teams, military units, rehab patients, as well as the average everyday person. From your lazy couch potato to your out of control teenager, I've had the privilege of working with people and helping them better understand fitness. If you are up for a challenge or if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Remember, "the foundation of achievement is intense desire!" You can change your appearance and outlook on life with a little help from Mentors Muscles where.....
    .....Friends Don't Let Friends Train Light!" - C. Mentor

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