Metabolic calculator




    I calculate BMI, an obesity index, the appropriate weight, calories-in per day.
    Please comes to daily health care and diet by all means.

    An obesity index, the appropriate weight, the necessary calorie,
    BMI considers 22 to be normal weight and calculates.
    This intends for 18 years old or more.

    BMI classification
    Underweight <18.5
    Normal 18.5 - 24.99
    Overweight 25.0 - 29.99
    Obese Class I 30.0 - 34.99
    Obese Class II 35.0 - 39.99
    Obese Class III >= 40.0

    *As for the number of the data which I can save, the free version is five cases.
    > Operation method (input screen)
    - When I add an input level and a calculation result
    Input age, sex, height, the weight, a physical activity level
    "Add it and data display" button.
    - When I watch an input level and the calculation result that have been already stored
    I push the "Data display" button.
    menu key.
    [Unit] - can choose a unit of height and weight.
    ft, lb
    cm, kg
    [Date Format]- can choose a date format.

    > Operation method (result screen)
    - Graph
    A white polygonal line is a change of the weight.
    The red line is the latest appropriate weight.
    The green line is a position of data displaying
    I can move a green line by being involved in the neighborhood of the point of the line graph.
    I turn into the data of the place that indication data and a character image moved.
    - Removal of data
    I push the "Delete" button in the lower right of the graph.
    I can remove data displaying.
    When I remove all data, I am replaced by a data entry screen.

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