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    In recent times, brainwave entrainment is most often used in self help or as a medical treatment for a variety of ailments. Brainwave entrainment can help you intellectually by increasing your mental ability and giving you a greater, faster thinking capability to solve problems or creative tasks faster. It can literally increase your IQ over time as you begin to store and access memories more efficiently and learn to rely more on your subconscious level which makes processing information much more intuitive.

    Some people believe that this sort of intuition or creativity can only be born with as a gift rather than a skill that can be learned or a behavior that can be implemented in life by subconscious means. Some people are born with more intuition or creativity than others, this is most likely because this area of their brain is more developed and they have learned to use it where others have not, but it doesn’t mean this gift should be exclusive to them.

    You can also experience with the effects of certain forms of brainwave entrainment what is called whole-brain thinking by synchronizing your entire mind to think as one great assemblage instead of using the right and left hemispheres as you usually would. Brainwave Entrainment can help you learn to make better decisions and develop stronger mind that will be more capable of handling every aspect of your life.

    This whole-brain thinking proficiency attempts to combine those two very different areas of your brain and have them operate together instead of in dissimilar contexts as they perform unalike functions as they do currently. The left hemisphere is a more logical side, a detail-oriented area that helps you make decisions or take a test. However, the right side of the brain is more imaginative and is more prone to whole images and patterns.

    Since the left brain is far more stimulated and encouraged in both school years and later in most places of employment we are taught to think in that way, even those of us that are primarily right-brained individuals to begin with. What we need to attain a level of whole brain thinking is to start to train our minds to implement our right brain into those daily activities by way of brainwave entrainment. Once you being to do this, you will notice the character of your life has been heightened greatly in the way that all the new sights and smells of the environment around you are inspirational and uplifting.

    Another amazing area that brainwave entrainment can completely transforms is the area of stress, worry and pessimism. First the rhythm of the entrainment will help you enjoy a greater sense of relaxation and help make those feelings of stress and tension slowly ease and finally vanish into thin air.

    Brainwave entrainment provides you with a unique area in which you know you are able to relax and just float away to the music or messages and convert your feelings of helplessness into ones of control and calm. You can begin to then enjoy a renewed sense of positivity and focus on the wonderful area of your life. The flow of these feelings will just take you away into a place with more energy and increased optimism.

    Conquering your emotions is another great brainwave entrainment goal that can be realized through as little as just a few sessions. Everyone would love to enjoy a happier life and erasing those feelings that hold you back, those unhappy memories was never easier to get rid of than with this amazing method. You can start to feel more peaceful and even help master your depression with some of the modern brainwave entrainment methods.

    In this package you will listen to 5 Brainwave Entrainment audios:
    1) Mind Rise
    2) Creativity Boost
    3) Laser Focus
    4) Instant Memory
    5) Mental Refresher

    The audios will be streamed to your device. Donot forget to read instructions. Contact us for further support.