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    Convert your mobile phone into a remote control for your HANSATON hearing system:
    with the miniMedia app.

    Worth knowing
    The brand new miniMedia app sets new standards. This is because in combination with HANSATON miniMedia, the app allows not only for easy volume adjustment and program selection on your hearing system. With the miniMedia app, you can also select audio sources that are connected to the miniMedia via cable, transmitter or Bluetooth, and which can thus stream directly into your hearing system. In this manner, your hearing system becomes a headset for your Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone, or even turns into cordless headphones with an almost perfect sound.

    Note: HANSATON hearing systems require that the miniMedia app be used together with Bi-Com technology and miniMedia (Firmware Version 5 or newer) as bases.

    REMOTE CONTROL: All available miniMedia functions can be controlled from your mobile phone.

    DIRECT ACCESS: The miniMedia app offers you the possibility of switching between different program settings. You can use the program display on your Smartphone to directly select the program you desire without having to "zap" through all programs. If you wish to listen to music while taking a walk, for example, a simple touch will be sufficient to switch to the audio device connected accordingly (e.g. an mp3 player).

    USER FRIENDLINESS: The control of your hearing system using the miniMedia app on your Smartphone is very easy thanks to large display buttons.

    DISCRETION: Thanks to discreet control of your hearing system via the miniMedia app on your Smartphone, no one around you notices that you are wearing a hearing system.

    AND THE BEST PART: The miniMedia app is free!

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