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    Remove the boredom from your workouts using the Mobile Fitness Suite app! Work out using 250+ exercises based on the options you choose!

    Don't spend time picking and choosing each exercise when you could use that time for working out! Just select some basic options and click Start Workout. The program will choose the exercises for you in a different order and with a different selection of exercises each time you work out! To save even more setup time, all of your selections can be saved for next time! Don't have a particular piece of equipment? Then, an exercise requiring it won't show up when you work out! Don't like a particular exercise? Then, hide it, and you'll never have to see it again! Think an exercise is too long or short? You can modify the default length of any exercise! You can also create and save custom workouts! Also included are calculators for Body Fat, BMR/RMR, Goals, Ideal Body Weight, One Rep Maximum, and Target Heart Rate Zone, and a Daily Portions Tracker and Health Tips.

    --Starts a workout based on your selections or create a custom workout from the menu
    -1. Workout can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
    -2. Warmup/Cooldown can each range from 0 to 10 min.
    -3. Choose from 10 different Focus Areas: Back, Biceps, Cardio, Chest, Core, Glutes, Legs, Shoulders, Stretch, Triceps
    -4. Breaks can range from No Breaks to every 1/6th of the workout
    -5. Choose Break Length from 1 minute to 3 minutes
    -6. Choose the equipment you have: Barbell, Bench, Dumbbells, Incline Bench, Jump Rope, Medicine Balls, Pull-Up Bar, Resistance Bands, and Stability Ball
    -7. Exercises that require equipment you do not have will be excluded from the workout.
    -8. Further Options Available from the Menu:
    ---a. Create Custom Workout
    ---a. Quick Load Workout
    ---b. Load Workout From
    ---c. Save Settings
    ---d. Modify Hidden Exercise List
    ---e. User Guide
    ---f. Credits
    ---g. Clear Hidden Exercise List
    ---h. Modify Exercise Lengths
    ---i. More Options:
    -----1. Show Images
    -----2. Confirm Close Workout
    -----3. Minimize Repeat Routines
    -----4. Play Routine Ending Beeps
    -----5. Show Last Weight/Reps Used
    -----6. Show Notes
    -9. During Workouts, you can:
    ---a. Hide any exercise you wish not to see again.
    ---b. Save the current workout to the Quick Save slot or any of the five primary save slots.
    ---c. (If Show Last Weight / Reps is selected) Enter the weight used and reps performed for the current exercise.
    ---d. (If Show Notes is selected) Enter any notes for the current exercise.
    ---e. Increase Text Size with Volume Up button.
    ---f. Decrease Text Size with Volume Down button.

    -BMR/RMR Calculator
    1. Calculates your BMR/RMR Calories burned/day, which is a good indicator of the minimum number of calories you need to intake each day.

    -Body Fat Calculator
    1. Calculates Body Fat % based on Department of Defense formula.
    2. Displays Body Fat %, Lean Body Weight, and Body Fat Weight.

    -Goal Calculator
    1. Determines how long it will take to reach a goal weight and how many calories to eat to do so.

    -Ideal Body Weight Calculator:
    1. Estimates how much you should weigh.

    -One Rep Maximum Calculator:
    1. Calculates the maximum amount of weight you can lift for a particular exercise.
    2. Useful for determining how much weight you should be lifting when you exercise.

    -Target Heart Rate Zone Calculator:
    1. Estimates your maximum heart rate and calculates five target heart rate zones for achieving your fitness goals.

    -All calculators
    1. Saves previous data entered automatically, and loads this data each time the calculator is loaded.

    -Daily Portions
    1. Allows you to track your daily servings.
    2. Can track any of the following: Protein, Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables, Fats, Grains, Legumes, Tubers, Legumes and Tubers, Carbohydrates, Condiments, and Snacks.
    3. Each daily portion can range from .5 servings to 12.

    -Health Tips
    1. Displays helpful nutrition tips.

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    Lucille Gordon

    by Lucille Gordon

    Jan 09, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Error in calculator... Does not have animated pictures to demonstrate how the exercise is done so you have to read through does not save when you input your height and weight...

    Jack Henry

    by Jack Henry

    Feb 07, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    At first sight, this seems a very crude looking app in comparison to say Gymmepro or Jefit or any of the fitness apps that have a half decent interface. But if you want to spend less time planning punching in data for your next session, this is the one to keep you honest and get you working quickly. And the workouts can be demanding!. My big issue at first was the size of the text and adding note