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    This Application repels Mosquitoes by using sound energy. You will never have to fear the deadly Mosquito Again.

    This application is more battery efficient as compared to other Mosquito repellent applications as the sound runs as a foreground service. This also enables the sound to keep running when you close the application or your screen just like how the Android music player allows you to continue music playback after closing the music application.

    How it Works.
    The theory is that once a female mosquito has her eggs fertilised she will actively avoid any further contact with the male. In order to to do this, the theory goes, she can recognise the sound of the vibrations from the wing beat of the male which it is claimed is sufficiently different from a females to enable this to happen – thus, upon recognising such wingbeats the female is ‘repelled’ away so as to avoid any further and now unwanted attentions of the male.

    Keep the application close to you and mosquitoes will avoid you.There are about 3500 known mosquito species in the world and they all react slightly different to this repellent. Use the pitch controller to find the optimal repelling frequency for your region.

    Note:The application is also Ad-Free.

    If you encounter any errors or have feature suggestions feel free to email me at or or

    Anyone wanting to make language translations please contact us.Thanks.

    Please attach a logcat if you experience crashes.

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