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    Move Improve is a revolutionary fitness tool that will provide you with a complete fitness plan to have you looking and feeling your best!

    By using the Move Improve app you can expect to build an aesthetic physique capable of looking great for years to come. Learn basic body positioning and movements through the lead in warm ups; soften and lengthen tight muscles through foam rolling techniques then you're ready to hit the ground running! Choose from among 21 pre-designed workouts or customize your own from the gallery of exercises that will teach you how to build a balanced physique and maintain it for life".

    Designed by 3 personal trainers who posses over 25 combined years of experience and who believe that achieving your goals is not something that happens over night, but something you must be implemented step by step over time to be successful. With that in mind this app has cut through all the confusion to provide you with very effective and simple workouts that will deliver you the most direct path to the results you have always wanted.

    Outstanding *****
    by. Dr. Akbar Nathu – Version 1.0 – 3 - Nov – 2011
    Simply put: anyone interested in exercising correctly, preventing injuries, getting results and having fun in the process should buy this app – its simple, intelligent and interactive. The video demonstrations are phenomenal and the range of exercises completely comprehensive: plus, if you prefer not to use the customizing features, the predesigned are excellent. Whether you are a pro or a novice, buying this app is a no brainer – it provides incomparable value.


- High resolution exercise videos with audio, text, and image instruction.

- Journal section records your progress as you move through your program.

    - Goals section records measurements, photos, as well as a goal tracker to record your achievements.

    - A variety updated pre designed workout programs meant for all levels of fitness and targeted to gaining strength, improving your movement, increasing lean muscle, and promoting fat loss.

    - Detailed instruction for each and every exercise to ensure quality movement.

    - Exercise selection meant to maximize your experience using the human body as a whole.

    - Detailed video instruction on appropriate warm up, mobility, as well as recovery from your workouts.

    - Tailored option allows you or a personal trainer to design your own workouts according to your own level of fitness.

- Access to which is updated with free articles, video blog, fitness tips, and The ChangeLink Lifestyle Guide.

- Share your goals, updates, and achievements on The Change Link Network.

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