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    مستشار الحمية الغذائية

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    The Application "Diet and Weight Advisor" was developed taking into consideration the following features:

    1. It is self-guided and has user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) available in both Arabic and English languages. For each function in the application, text message appears once the user highlights the function and as a result of its execution, an interpretation of the result is appeared along with the another text message telling the user where to go after this function. This continues from one function to another till the user gets the diet plan. In addition, a user guide is available on the main menu of the application and thus the user can get help at anytime.

    2. It is function-rich application that provides all functions needed to achieve efficient diet planning along with a medical interpretation for each function result. The functions include:
    - Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Ideal Weight. The application calculates the BMI and interpretates the result from medical point of view and guides the user where to go next.

    - Weight management (weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain)

    - Calculation of Daily Calories Needs and guiding the user where to go next.

    - Counting of calories and nutrients (carbohydrate, fat and proteins) in both Arabic and Fast foods.

    - The application generates text alerts if the user selects unbalanced food or when he/she exceeds the daily calories need or he does not follow the diet plan. Thus, the application guides the user to achieve healthy eating plan and compensates the lack of user’s knowledge in the field of planning healthy meals and diets.

    - Planning the diet taking into consideration the following principles: meeting nutritional requirements, consideration for user likes and dislikes, saving time, cost and energy and finally planned diets should provide variety. The application generates the diet plan and aids the user to satisfy it by using the exchange lists available in the application.

    - Receiving online daily tips for healthy diet and weight management. These tips are changed daily.

    3. It is customized for Arabic population as the application takes into consideration the combination Arabic foods and lifestyle of Arabic citizens.

    4. The App. is integrated with advance web services that are used to manage the consultations, daily tips and billing information.

    5. It works on two platforms: Android and iPhone and two languages (Arabic and English which give flexibility for the user in selection of his/her favorite OS platform.

    6. It has efficient user guide both in English and English languages which provides the user with a simple info to user the Diet App properly.

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