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    This is MTP, the Multi-Timer where you define your own training sessions for yoga, exercises, multiple food cooking etc. You can include your own Videos, Images & Sound!

    ✓ Perfect as timer within Yoga, Meditation, Workout, HIIT, Cooking, Exercises, Bodybuilding etc.
    ✓ Multiple visual timers (up to 50 timers)
    ✓ Run timers until expired duration or until time of day
    ✓ Timer expiration sounds - Choose among several predefined sounds or use your own recording
    ✓ User defined repetitions of expiration sounds
    ✓ Portrait and Landscape mode
    ✓ Optional user slider movement while timer is running
    ✓ Prevent screen lock while timers is running
    ✓ Timer specific Playback sound - User defined
    ✓ Timer specific Playback video or image - User defined
    ✓ Full-screen & half-screen video/image viewing
    ✓ Single click to start/stop video playback, double-click to toggle full-screen/half-screen
    ✓ Touch gestures to show previous/next image/video
    ✓ User clipping of beginning/end in own sounds & videos
    ✓ Live view of video & image when moving timer slider
    ✓ Linked timers - Timer can start the next timer
    ✓ Repeating playback sound or video
    ✓ Background execution with notifications
    ✓ Background expiration popup dialog with multiple snooze choices
    ✓ Export/Import your exercises
    ✓ Many useful examples

    The timer can be used for several purposes, after setup. Some examples:

    1. Define gym/fitness/training/exercise sessions.

    2. HIIT/High Intensity Interval Training.

    3. Show an audio/video/image presentation, e.g. when attached to a TV.

    4. Set up timers to suite your yoga/meditation/workout/exercise sessions.

    5. Run several timers in parallel, e.g. to support cooking of several foods in parallel.

    6. Setup one or several wall-clock alarms.

    7. Run multiple time measurements.

    The device's screen-lock can be deactivated while MTP is being used. This can be setup in many different ways using MTP's settings.

    MTP's setup possibilities make it possible to setup in many different ways. For instance you can setup timers like this:

    * In series, where an ending timer automatically starts the new timer.

    * Manually one by one, manually starting each timer.

    * In parallel, by starting several or all timers running simultaneously.

    * As one or several wall clock alarms by changing the timer setting to alarm mode. The alarm mode causes the timer to release on a specific time instead of after a specific delay. This mode can for instance be used to set a reminder on fixed clock values during the day.

    * As a timing clock, measuring delays. Since every timer shows high-precision value for the passed time when paused, it is suitable to use to start all timers simultaneously and pause them one by one to measure several items in parallel. For instance the runners in a race can be timed this way.

    Here are some tips to remember when running this application:

    * Remember to use the menu button (or the corresponding software menu in Android 4) to reach our rich set of additional functions. For instance you reach the general settings here, where you can perform settings that affect the whole application. Here, you also can access the powerful timer setting managements, where you can do things like save/load your timer settings.

    * Check out the menu that pops-up when you long-press with your finger on one row. In this menu you can perform tasks related to the timer on that row. For instance you can copy/paste/insert/remove timers here.

    Video/Image gesture tips:

    a. Single-click to start/stop timer.

    b. Double-click to switch between full-screen and half-screen.

    c. Swipe with your finger to the left/right to reset current timer and start running the next/previous timer.

    Permissions motivations:

    VIBRATE – Vibrate instead of sound
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Exporting exercises
    WAKE_LOCK - Prevent screen lock
    CHECK_LICENSE – Google’s Copy protection service

    Questions: Contact

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