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    Muscle Mate is your perfect partner in the gym! Muscle Mate doesn't care about the structure of your workout, Muscle Mate doesn't care about what order you do your exercises in. All Muscle Mate cares about is tracking your progress rep by rep, set by set!

    Muscle Mate tracks your max weight and number of reps for each of your exercises, as well as your loss or gain from each set. Graph your max weight increases for each exercise over time.

    Track your measurements and weight! Graph your measurements and weight changes over time. Use the muscle gallery to take pictures of your progress and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and more!

    Calculate your Grecial Ideal or Classical Ideal Bodybuilder physique!

    Use the AMRAP or Interval Timers for your cardio/CrossFit routines to really burn that body fat!

    Muscle Mate will keep you motivated in and outside the gym!

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