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    Dr. Aldemir Coelho has been a primary family care physician since 1982. He is bilingual (Spanish) and specializes in family medicine. He also has expertise in addiction treatments, weight control loss, as well as cardiovascular health. Most insurance plans accepted. If no insurance, flat fee plans provided.

    We are here to offer you a source of stability in your recovery through our treatment program, providing you with much ease and comfort throughout the process. SUBOXONE is offered as part of Dr. Coelho's treatment plan. The sub-lingual film is a primary factor of the therapeutic design, which also includes counseling and support. You do not have to be alone on this demanding road to recovery.If there is one thing that is evident about this "addiction thing" is that it does not discriminate, on any level. And so, you should not feel any shame seeking medical aid to help fight this disease. Therefore, it is important for you to understand that this IS a disease, and like many diseases it is treatable. However the right steps have to be taken; there are three pieces to this effective treatment procedure. SUBOXONE is the primary, Note* the other two parts are equally as important but SUBOXONE must be obtained first. The other parts include practicing active counseling and continued support. Consequently, these three are linked tightly together to build a foundation for your recovery. Meaning! You won't have to answer to addiction for much longer!

    Suboxone doctor in Phoenix AZ. We help you fight against opioid addictions. Suboxone medical help in Phoenix AZ.
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