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    Peace of mind wherever you go, MyFlare™ ( is the Ultimate Mobile Security. MyFlare™ is the most resourceful tool on the most powerful device, your smartphone. The app utilizes the essential resources on your smartphone -- calls 911, text, e-mail, GPS, audio and video -- simultaneously to alert the help you need when you need it most. MyFlare™ is the FIRST automated and multi-functional personal safety app for smartphones!

    The personalized digital flare gun performs all of its functions instantly, automatically, simultaneously and continuously to help you better reach first responders, as well as your family, friends and emergency contacts, in the event you're in distress or an emergency. Activated by simply pushing just one button within the app, MyFlare™:

    - Instantly calls 911 or your designated non-911 emergency contact

    - Automatically text messages and e-mails up to 10 of your pre-selected contacts your customized distress message, along with your GPS location

    - Automatically and continuously delivers your text and e-mail messages every three minutes to your pre-selected contacts with your updated GPS location

    - Simultaneously sends 20-second video recordings capturing your present environment (optional), which are attached to the delivered e-mails every few minutes (as determined by you)

    - Instantly blasts a police siren (optional)

    MyFlare's all-in-one functionality is simple and simultaneous -- critical in a potentially life-threatening situation. Most importantly, the text and e-mail messages are delivered every three minutes to your pre-selected contacts with your updated GPS location and periodic video recordings. The GPS, as well as all of the information sent from MyFlare, can be indispensable to a user fleeing an emergency, or worse, getting abducted, and will prove helpful as evidence in legal proceedings.

    MyFlare's unique and invaluable functionality is available for iPhone and Android for a one-time promotional investment of only $9.99. For more information, and to watch a tutorial video to see how MyFlare works, please visit us at

    Text Keyword "SAFE" to (760) 670-3130 to Join MyFlare's Community and Receive News and Alerts!


    "Awesome app. Everyone with a smartphone should have MyFlare™! You can't put a price on safety."
    -- Laurelle W. (Plantation, Fla.)

    "MyFlare™ gives me the comfort to handle all situations. It is my companion and personal security service. Now that I have MyFlare™, I could barely imagine my life without it."
    -- Lara K. (Boston, Mass.)

    "MyFlare™ is just the app I've been looking for! At the push of a button, I can be sure that 911, as well as my closest friends and family, are immediately notified in the event of an emergency. The siren feature is especially useful for calling for help in quiet places. Thank you, MyFlare™, for finally providing me the peace of mind I've been looking for from my phone!"
    -- Mike P. (Washington, D.C.)

    "It is impossible to put a price on the value of safety. With MyFlare™, I don't have to."
    -- Lavonya E. (Charlotte, N.C.)

    “Despite the millions of people living in NYC, you often find yourself walking down long streets all by yourself. Knowing I have MyFlare™, I feel safe knowing the NYPD and five of my close friends are just a click away. Hopefully I will never have to use the app, but knowing it’s there provides great peace of mind.”
    -- Jennifer H. (New York City)

    “It is important to be able to do day-to-day activities without being worried about your safety. And we all know that nowadays, modern technology has allowed access to almost everything and everyone. MyFlare™ allows me constant access to my friends, family and 911 with just the touch of one button. Now I have the freedom to go about my day with peace of mind. I can't imagine being without it."
    -- Yvonne R. (Atlantic City, N.J.)

    Call 911 and then some!

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