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    Natural Childbirth Hypnosis

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    Natural Childbirth is an easy-to-use self hypnosis and relaxation program to help you prepare for childbirth.

    Through this recording, you'll learn how to relax during childbirth and elevate your body's own natural pain reliever, endorphins.

    Preparing for childbirth with the aid of this recording will help you to:

    Produce faster and easier childbirth delivery

    Dramatically minimize pain during the birth

    Enhance comfort and sleep during your pregnancy

    Create deeper levels of bonding with your baby

    How does Natural Childbirth help?

    Listening to the Natural Childbirth recording daily will help you create the level of relaxation needed to reduce the stress hormones that are released during labour.

    The goal of Natural Childbirth is to fill your body with endorphins, a natural pain reliever. When endorphins are released, your muscles are relaxed and there is a feeling of well-being and safety.

    Don't just trust us, read what some of our recent customers had to say:-

    "Hi Mark,

    In September my mum ordered me your natural childbirth recording as I was expecting my first baby on 7th Oct in the letter you sent you asked if we'd let you know how it went- sorry it's taken so long but I've just found your letter and thought i'd drop you a quick email.

    I listened to the recording more or less every night as I was going to bed- sometimes I'd fall asleep through it but it was very relaxing and what I needed when sleep wasn't always easy to find at 38 weeks + pregnant. If I struggled to get back to sleep after waking in the night I'd put it on again so I was 'doing something' rather than tossing and turning. I wasn't sure how/ if it would work but thought it worth a go as hypnosis had been recommended but other programs were too costly and because I was sceptic i wasn't prepared to waste the money.

    I had to be induced -as my baby was too comfy and at 13 days late still had no intention of moving- that meant that I had no build up to the contractions - it was suddenly every couple of minutes and I didn't feel too well. After I'd been sick and got used to it a little bit I was very calm and the tens machine and the techniques from the recording helped me get through it. I did have some pethadine because I couldn't use gas and air. After 5 hours I was ready to push and just under an hour later my gorgeous baby boy arrived happy and healthy.

    I didn't consciously use the techniques at all - but my partner was amazed at how calm and quiet I was throughout. It wasn't until my mum asked if the cd had been worth it that i suddenly realised that during my labour I'd blown up hundreds of balloons!

    Well worth the money and I would definately recommend it."

    Nicola Birch, Birmingham, UK

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