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    New School Boxing is a tool for making your heavy bag, shadow boxing, or non weighted GPPs workout randomized so that it is different every time that you do it. Boxing and kickboxing combinations are called out at random so that your workout is different every time. The App is customizable so that you can change the number of rounds, rest time, frequency of combinations, and so on. Choose to workout with a heavy bag / punching bag or without if you don't have one. No equipment is needed for the shadow boxing / non weighted GPPs sections. Also included is a reference section that describes how to perform the punches, kicks, and movements.

    Make sure your sound is on so that you can hear the boxing and kickboxing combinations!


    - Customizable Timers for workouts: set number of rounds, length of rounds, interval between moves/combinations, rest time, and set boxing only or boxing with kicking.
    - Made for use with a heavy bag but all of the movements can be done while shadow boxing / without equipment
    - Heavy bag workout that calls out different punching / kicking combinations
    - Non weighted GPPs workout that randomly calls mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, lateral movement, etc.
    - Boxing / Non Weighted GPPs combination workout that cycles between boxing combinations and non weighted GPPs
    - Reference section that describes how to perform the movements in the workout

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