Night Wave Light




    This app helps you fall asleep fast, without disturbing others.

    This sleeping aid app makes your device emit a gendle, relaxing light, that pulsates at the natural respiration rate. Lie in bed with your eyes open and inhale and exhale in sync with the light. The app will guide you to sleep by gendly slowing down your respiration rate. This will help you relax and fall asleep fast. After the session ends the app shuts down and you continue to sleep.

    * The app substitutes common white noise or calming sound sleeping aids, that can`t be used with others in a room.
    * The app substitutes respective dedicated devices that cost orders of magnitute more.
    * Allows you to define the length of your session.
    * Supports multiple light colors
    * Helps most people to sleep in 7 minutes.

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