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Nutrition For Elderly

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    Nutrition For Elderly

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    No matter your age, it is important to get the right amount of nutrients every day. However, the elderly are often at a higher risk for certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to a variety of factors, such as a poorly balanced diet and medication consumption. Talk to your doctor about your changing nutritional needs as you age, and ask him about making changes to your diet or taking supplements to help prevent deficiencies.


    ** Importance of elderly nutrition program

    ** Nutrition and hydration in the elderly

    ** What are nutrition facts how important they are?

    **Nutrition guide and its importance.

    **Nutritionist and it's role

    **Nutrition Facts for the Elderly

    Like other age groups, elderly people should follow balanced diets that include a variety of healthy foods and minimize their intake of unhealthy foods, such as fried foods, alcohol, and sugary desserts and beverages. Choose foods that are low in cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fats, which can lead to or worsen cardiovascular problems by clogging your blood vessels.

    ** Nutritional Deficiency in the Elderly

    Proper nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind in the elderly. In the U.S., some elderly are malnourished, notes the Administration on Aging. Even with access to food, older adults may still suffer from inadequate diets and nutritional deficiencies. Being aware of the risks and following a well-balanced diet can help older adults stay healthy.

    ** Nutrition Recommendations for Elderly Men

    A lifetime of good nutrition habits is invaluable for preventing health complications as you age. Aging men face specific health risks like prostate cancer but are also susceptible to colon cancer and osteoporosis. The leading causes of death in men over the age of 50 include cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, but these conditions are mostly preventable with healthy nutrition habits. Maintain your health by following the recommended nutrient intakes for your age group and regular visits to your physician.

    **Why Is Nutrition Important for the Elderly?

    Biological changes over time can affect your health and increase your need for certain nutrients, particularly if you are elderly. Eating a variety of nutrient-dense foods -- especially foods that are rich sources of protein, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, and folate -- and minimizing your intake of foods high in sodium, saturated fat and sweeteners can help you sustain health. Consult your doctor for more detailed information on your personal nutrition needs.

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