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    Nutrition Pal™ is the first Voice Activated Intelligent Nutrition Pal (Personal Assistant that Learns) that helps you make healthier food choices, lose weight, and improve your health.

    “Say what you want to eat, we do the rest for you”

    Like you, we desire to improve our health and well being by making small changes to how we eat day by day. No more restrictive diets. No more tedious calorie counting.

    “It shouldn’t be so hard!”

We hear it all the time. We agree. It shouldn’t be so hard.

    Food is one of the great joys in life, yet many of us struggle to find the balance between good eating and good nutrition

    “There’s got to be a better way!”

 There is a better way. Nutrition Pal is the market’s first consumer mobile nutrition PAL – a Personal Assistant that Learns.

    Nutrition Pal allows you to simply say what you want to eat at mealtime and it does the rest for you. No dieting. No calorie counting. No entering data. It’s that simple to use.

    “How cool is that!”

It’s very cool! Nutrition Pal leverages leading nutritional science and advanced decision-making technologies, along with food items from restaurants and supermarkets, to suggest practical healthier food choices at meal time.

    Whether you are at McDonald’s ordering a burger, at home looking in your fridge, or browsing the grocery store for something to eat, Nutrition Pal suggests healthier food choices based on what you want to eat but before you eat.

    Nutrition Pal does all of the hard work for you by automating calorie counting and figuring out healthier foods for you to eat, and tracking your results.

    Nutrition Pal bases its healthier food suggestions or what we call Nutritional Nudges™, on what you really want to eat rather than basing it on eating a perfect diet.

    “It learns too!”

The more you use Nutrition Pal, the smarter it becomes as it gets to know you and your eating habits. The smarter Nutrition Pal gets, the better it guides you, encourages you, and suggests healthier food choices for you in an engaging, fun, yet realistic way.

    How to use Nutrition Pal

    It’s very easy to use Nutrition Pal. Right before you eat at a restaurant or at home, tap on the app, say what you want to eat and we do the rest. Below are a few examples on how to say what you want to eat.

    Please remember to say the name of the restaurant or brand name of the foods you want to eat.

    “McDonalds Big Mac, Large Fries, Large Coke”
    “Souplantation Beef and Barley Stew, Buttermilk Biscuits, Apple Cobber”
    “Starbucks Frappuccino”
    “Banquet Chicken Pot Pie, Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Ice Cream”
    “PowerBar Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie glass of whole milk”
    “Jiffy Peanut Wonder White Bread”

    When using the Nutrition Pal Mic, remember to keep it simple and just say what you want to eat. We have loaded 150+ of the most popular restaurant chains and are uploading 20,000 supermarket items. For the list of restaurants, see

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