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    Nutritionists are employed by institutions such as health care facilities, schools, food manufacturers and community programs. The specific role of a nutritionist is also contingent upon the area or population they specialize in. Their focus can be geared toward the clinical, managerial, consulting or communal arena. The amount of education and training they have also plays a part in their job description.


    Clinical nutritionists often practice in health care settings and work alongside other providers to create diet plans that address a patient's condition. A nutritionist who is employed in the managerial sector might be required to supervise meal planning and dietetic intake on a broader scale. In this case, their responsibilities include organizing budgets for menu plans, food and meal supplies and ensuring that all distributed meals meet mandatory rules and regulations. Nutritionists in the community sector are often hired by towns, cities or states to advocate and instruct the public on the importance of nutrition. Consulting nutritionists are often employed on a contractual basis by individuals or businesses (especially food and supplement manufacturers and advertisers) to carry out research, evaluate a product's nutritional properties and devise or advance an existing nutrition arrangement or meal plan.


    Nutritionists are a valuable resource to those trying to lose weight or have medical conditions that result in severe dietary restrictions. In such instances, the role of a nutritionist is to create a special menu that meets their client's requirements. Aside from making meal plans centered on the person's nutritional needs, they suggest and explain how different foods can work to the body's advantage. Most importantly, they teach clients how to live a healthy lifestyle and make the best nutrition choices on their own.


    The role of a nutritionist for those with health-related issues is critical and often life changing. For example, a person with celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, is required to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet, but there are numerous hidden sources of gluten, including food flavorings, coloring and additives. Aside from helping their client maintain a gluten-free lifestyle, a nutritionist can teach the client how to prepare their favorite dishes by substituting ingredients so they don't feel deprived.

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