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    Do you need an accurate way to calculate your 1 rep max ( 1RM )?
    Ever wonder what the weight is for your 1RM in benchpress or deadlift?

    OneRM is all you need to calculate your 1RM as quick and easy as possible and then save the result.

    This app uses coefficients from the formula know as the most accurate for real lifters.
    ( Of course it's possible to use your own coefficients if you have an formula that you think it's the best one. )

    * Calculates 1RM with coefficients from the most accurate formula used by real lifters.
    * Calculates the values for 95% to 50% of 1RM in step of 5%.
    * Calculates the values for 2RM to 10RM.
    * Use own coefficients for the calculation if not satisfied with default coefficients.
    * Possibility to save calculated values together with a date and an exercise name.

    Even if the formula used is as known as the most accurate as possible, the values are calculated, which means that it can differs from your real measured 1RM. Therefore the values shall only be used as a help to estimate the weight used in training.

    Note about permissions:
    The permission about to write on external storage (sd-card) is only used for the possibility to move the application to the sd-card instead of being stored in the internal memory.

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