Orthostatic Heart Rate Test

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    Check your pulse after: waking, getting up and then standing for 2 minutes.While doing it, feel quick changes of beat frequency, vessel's wall tension, elasticity and speed of flow wave. After a few weeks you will notice they change as a result of training load, nutrition and rest. After experiencing a few infections like cold or flue you will realize that certain pulse changing patterns precede symptoms for about 48 - 72 hrs. In this app just pressing a button at every 10th stroke of pulse, draws a graph of pulse frequency changes.
    Patterns in graphs are very visible and helpful in understanding how your organism reacts to training load, nutrition, rest, eating junk and coach-potatoe-ing.
    It is a tool for athletic trainers and athletes. The changes of patterns in graphs will give them additional hard data to support their decisions about adjusting training load, recovery procedures and nutrition. Animated samples of pattern changes and their interpretations are presented in the app to help less knowledgable users to understand results of real life measurements. Checking the pulse with fingers is necessary to feel the frequency, rhythm, fullness of flow wave, speed of flow wave, tension and elasticity of vessel's wall. As you build experience and sensitivity, this soft characteristics will help you in better interpretation of hard measurements. In the morning, after night's rest, the workings of circulation are not affected by different activities. That allows for more reliable results. Orthostatic regulation of heart rate is useful for monitoring changes in the same individual over longer period of time as we accumulate more and more measurement results and data about training load, recovery procedures, nutrition, and other relevant factors. It is not for comparing two different individuals. Email questions to

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