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    ON SALE 50% OFF TODAY! Pain Relief 2.0 is the Android version of the 5 Star Rated Pain Killer 2.0 for iPhone.

    Put your headphones on and run these special frequencies and YOUR PAIN MELTS AWAY IN MINUTES. It lasts for hours. Great for sports injuries, back pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines and any pain.

    Pain Relief 2.0 works by using the latest special binaural beats known as TBSW. This is the latest pain management technology. Use it anywhere you have your phone or device.

    Pain Settings Include:

    * General Pain - an all around pain frequency setting
    * Muscles and Joints - Great for back pain, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
    * Pain + Insomnia - Run it for 30 minutes and fall asleep pain free. Has frequencies for sleep and pain
    * Headaches
    * Migraines
    * TBSW Combo - Universal pain frequency setting - powerful!
    * Rife + TBSW Combination - Uses Rife pain frequencies combined with TBSW waves
    * Stress Relief - Having a bad day? Melt it away with this preset...
    * Rejuvenation - Frequencies to revive health

    You can run Pain Relief 2.0 while surfing the net or doing other things. The app will run when the device is
    sleeping and in the background while you are doing other tasks.

    Pain relief using TBSW frequencies is so amazing, because it is SO effective that many people have come off off harmful pain pills after years of being on them. There are NO side effects and you're not in a grog 24 hours a day. Its 100% safe, natural pain relief. It's sound and no more dangerous than listening to music. The body is adaptable to sound, unlike drugs and chemicals.

    This is the future...Download Pain Relief 2.0 now.

    Note : This app is optimized for many devices. Depending on your device, you may hear a slight click every few minutes while running the app. It does not effect the pain relief action of the app. Headphones or ear buds are required, because the small speakers in phones and tablets do not have the frequency response necessary for the app to be effective.

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