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    PainAcupressure is a paid application that will predict diseases to present expected symptoms and inform acupoints for self-healing if just the date and time of birth is entered through a smart phone anywhere in the world at any time. It also enables you to share your experience with everybody in the world. If you need more specific consultation, you can ask questions to experts and get answers from them through the jeejeeme site. Now, let's begin convenient and effective health care with PainAcupressure.

    What is ‘PainAcupressure’?
    This lists the symptoms and pain that may be in your body in order of probabilities beginning from the highest one and relevant acupoints to help everybody to apply acupressure to the presented acupoints to alleviate pain and treat symptoms.
    It was developed by by grafting the scientific principles of ‘time medicine’ and ‘self-healing’ onto IT technology.

    Who should use ‘PainAcupressure’?
    Those who are healthy at normal times can use it to prevent diseases and those who are currently suffering from symptoms or pain can apply acupressure to the acupoints informed by it to relieve the pain or treat the symptoms.
    Pregnant women or persons with other special constitutions are recommended to seek consultation through the ‘consultation with experts’ corner.

    Is it effective on common cold or body aches?
    Yes, the treating effects obtained through acupressure on the acupoints presented in ‘PainAcupressure’ encompass not only common cold, stroke and dementia but also women’s diseases.

    Is it effective on diseases such as dementia, stroke or cancers?
    Yes, the treating effects obtained through acupressure on the acupoints presented in ‘PainAcupressure’ encompass not only women’s diseases but also most symptoms and pain including common cold.


    The symptoms I have are not on the list.
    First, please check if your date and time of birth, those in the solar or lunar calendar and region of birth have been accurately entered.
    If any one of these has been entered incorrectly, completely different symptoms and acupoints can be listed.
    If the symptom is not shown even when all of the particular are correct, please consult through the ‘consultation with experts’ corner or ‘’ in the application.

    My conditions fall under many symptoms, what acupoints should I press?
    First, it is recommended to consult through the ‘consultation with experts’ corner and ‘’.
    ‘PainAcupressure’ lists symptoms that may exist now in order of probabilities from the highest one.
    Therefore, if your conditions fall under many symptoms, press the acupoints of the disease with the most severe symptom or the acupoints of the symptom that is listed first.

    No symptom is listed on the screen. What is the reason?
    If you entered the entry items accurately, you are considered to be healthy now. predicts and informs symptoms (diseases) that may occur to you in advance at through 'time (preventive) medicine' so that you can be prepared for or prevent the diseases.
    Consultation with will be very helpful for you to continue healthy life. :BET Awards, Spain Vs Italy Euro 2012, NASCAR, PGA Tour, Pirate Bay, Nastia Liukin , Erin Andrews , Tour de France ,Dominion Power ,Instagram.

    That is because pain changes along with the time zone of applying acupressure or because the acupoints have not been properly found in most cases.
    In such cases, if you press areas surrounding the relevant acupoints presented on the screen as if you massage the areas, you will definitely obtain effects to relieve the alleviate the pain.
    However, you are recommended to consult through the ‘consultation with experts’ corner and ‘’ in the application.

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