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    Paleo Diet & WeightLoss eBooks

    Get our Paleo Diet & WeightLoss eBooks plus a BMi Calculator App and 7 Top Selling eBooks (worth over $30 when sold separately) readable on both your Mobile Device and Tablet.

    Our BMi Calculator App
    Simply enter your weight and height to calculate your BMi and see if you're Obese, Overweight or just right.

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    The Paleo Blueprint
    For 2.5 million years, early man foraged and hunted for seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and seeds. This period of time before the development of agriculture is known as the Paleolithic era. The Paleo diet is also known as the Stone Age diet, hunter-gathering diet and the caveman diet. No matter what you call our ancestors, some things haven't changed. Man's digestive systems have evolved only the slightest amount in the 10,000 years since farming changed our diets. Shortened to Paleo, the modern diet is an approach to nutrition that mimics the early man's diet for ultimate health.

    Appetite Antidote
    Sound eating isn't about rigid nutrition doctrines, staying unrealistically skinny, or depriving yourself of the foods you adore. As an alternative, it's about feeling excellent, having more energy, and keeping yourself as sound as possible- all of which might be attained by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a way that works for you.

    Healthy Weight Loss For Teens
    What psychological issues overweight teens are facing?
    How do you go about parenting an overweight teen without creating more problems?
    How can teens lose weight safely and quickly?
    How worried should you, as a parent, be about your teens weight?
    How your teen's self esteem is affected and how you can help...Much more

    Eat YourSelf Thin
    If you're overweight, you are not a bad person. You're simply overweight. But it's important to lose the extra pounds so you'll look good, feel healthier and develop a sense of pride and self-esteem. Once you've lost the fat, you'll need to maintain your weight.

    Drop Fat The Low Carb Way
    Weight gain and obesity have become causes of health concerns in the western world. Obesity in particular is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the world today. Studies have been conducted to establish the reasons why the world population seems to be gaining weight. Research has shown, for instance, that the general weight of the population today, is much higher than it was in the 1960s.

    Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality
    Astonishing things occur when you start to align with your Self and associate to your higher purpose in the world. You'll discover much support. You're never alone on this travel.
    The universe has a way of affirming you and giving you what you postulate. Individuals and chances will start to show up everyplace. Synchronies and miracles start to occur as you live from a state of flow connected to your unearthly energy source.

    Weight Loss Baby Food Diet
    It is a fact that we all want to look good. We are all finding ways on how to enhance our look, especially our body. We want to be fit not just to fit in with the trend but to keep ourselves healthy as well. There are a lot of sexy actors and actresses out there who inspires us to have a better body. After all, who wouldn't envy such nerve to flaunt your body to the rest of the world? Well, they have nothing to be ashamed of anyway since they have the body that is all set for the eyes of the masses.

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