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    Paleo for Beginners

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    Paleo for Beginners (App also includes a link where you can request the full PDF version for reading on your computer)

    The Paleo diet is all the rage among many celebrities like Megan Fox, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Biel, Steve Nash and others. This trending diet and weight loss plan is based on the natural foods that our caveman ancestors would have eaten. The Paleo food list consists of unprocessed foods that have helped dieters not only loose weight, but have the additional benefits of a healthier digestive system, not feeling bloated after meals and even reducing blood pressure.

    This app is a beginners guide to help you understand what the paleo diet really is, and how it can help you. The topics covered in this Paleo solution app include:

    Information on what the Paleo diet really is:

    How the Paleo diet has been revitalized

    The question of "Is it really all it's cracked up to be"

    Help you understand the best way to prepare for the Paleo diet

    Helpful information on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid

    Insight into what a Paleo breakfast, Paleo lunch and Paleo dinner could look like (also a paleo snack)

    Common Paleo diet mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes

    How to shop for Paleo approved foods (paleo food list items)

    This Paleo diet app also includes a compilation of YouTube videos on the Paleo Diet, articles from Paleo Magazine, news related to the Paleo Diet, and Paleo talk on Twitter - a paleo central if you will, that contains paleo diet information at your finger tips.

    Get started, eat right and watch paleo burn those calories off your body as you lose weight and feel great.

    No need to wait to get healthy - get this app now!

    This app does not contain a paleo diet tracker, but we do hope to incorporate one into a later version of this app.

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