A comprehensive information about Ayurvedic therapies, i.e. Panchakarma

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    Highlights of Ayurvedic treatment
     100% natural, thus very minimal / no side effects.
      Completely cures the root cause of disease, thus prevents reoccurrence
    The only science which not only deals with the curing and prevention of the disease, but also helps in  preservation of health.      
    Ayurveda is fast & cost effective treatment when whole treatment time and cost is taken in account.       
    Ayurveda treats in accordance with WHO definition of health, 

    Panchkarma is mainly a detoxification therapy consisting of five main therapies.

    1. Vamana ( Emesis )
    2. Virechana ( Purgation )
    3. Basti ( Medicated Enema )
    4. Nasya ( Errhine therapy )
    5. Rakthmokshana ( Blood letting )

    Scope of Panchkarma:

    For Healthy People
    In Seasonal illness
    In geriatrics & pediatrics
    Equally beneficial for men and women
    To increase immunity and sexual power
    For all types of chronic diseases as well as for newer diseases
    Advised before or after any kind of surgical treatment. So that the reoccurrence of disease can be checked.
    Helps to reduce the total time taken for the treatment of chronic diseases.
    Excess   toxins are eliminated by this process thus giving medicine more space to act fast.
    Cost effective treatment, since time taken to cure a disease is shortened, total cost of treatment goes down.

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