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    Period and Ovulation Tracker

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    Best Period and Ovulation Tracker

    !! Are you trying to conceive?
    !! Want to know when to start your next period?
    !! Want to track ovulation-specific days??
    !! Want to track Fertilities days??
    !! Want to track In-Fertilities days??

    Then this period calendar app is for you!
    This is the best period calendar, cycles and ovulation tracker app, and most cute app for tracking your period and everything about woman who you try to conceive, pregnancy or birth control.

    This app tracks your periods and can even predict your future periods. If you are trying to conceive, this app tracks ovulation signs to increase your chance of pregnancy. Track your period, menstrual cycle, and much more related to your cycle wherever you are!

    *Accurately respond to your doctor’s questions about your menstrual cycle.
    *Track your periods to better predict your future periods.
    *Plan vacations around your menstrual cycle. Take control as a woman.
    *Know if you had intercourse while forgetting to take your birth control pill
    *Through tracking, better predict ovulation and your fertile window.
    *Better time when you’re trying to conceive for improved chance of pregnancy.
    *Track your periods and intercourse/sex time
    *View your periods at a glance with our easy-to-read calendar.
    *Plan ahead with predictions for your next 3 periods, fertile days and ovulation.
    *Track ovulation-specific days.
    * Backup and Restore your Data

    IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS: My Cycle’s ovulation detection and prediction methods are based on averages and is meant to be used as an estimate only. My Cycles cannot be used to schedule procedures, avoid pregnancy, and avoid miscarriage or anything where more accuracy would be required. Please consult your healthcare provider for any health concern.

    Please leave us positive feedback if you like our apps. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us first using the support e-mail so that we may assist you in a resolution. Thank you and we hope you enjoying our apps.

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