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    Period Mate application is the innovative app for women to keep track of their periodic cycles, with the use of sections like: Calendar, Summary, Period Log and Settings. Application also helps track the health related issues such as, menstrual cycle disorder, emotional disorder and physical disorders.

    Calendar allows marking dates of the period to represent cycle. Each date has mark to represent the days of the cycle on the date, along with the normal ovulation cycle. User can add notes date wise; notes will carry symptom, moods and the note sections.

    Summary section show the details on the date of the next expected period and the total number of days left.
    Period log is the list showing the average cycle days for the ovulation and the average no. of days for the next period.

    While settings allow user to set: fertility period, Startup Screen, Show/Hide Moods & Symptoms

    Period Mate is the alarming application to make women’s life easy in their busy schedules.


    -Track and predict period, fertile and ovulating days
    -Track your moods and symptoms
    -Add notes for particular day
    -Multi-Language support
    -Notification Alarm
    -New Widget launch with upcoming event.
    -Smart menstrual cycle calculations, from age to age and women to women, with accurate predictions with each new period entry.

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