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Plantar Fasciitis VIPOD

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    Plantar Fasciitis VIPOD

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    Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs and heel pain is a big problem that affects a lot of people

    Let me see - In the beginning it didn’t seem that bad! Just a little niggle under your heel and it wasn’t there very often.

    The pain is there mostly in the morning but then it seems to disappear for the rest of the day. Occasionally it reappears after you have been seated for a while then you get up and a couple of minutes later after you have walked around for a bit it seems to have gone again.

    BUT - It has been there for a while now and seems to be getting worse!

    A few weeks/months and in some cases years may have passed and you’ve been to a see a few people - maybe a Doctor, Podiatrist, a Physiotherapist or Physical therapist.

    You’ve spent a fortune on promised remedies, insoles or Orthotics but the pain in your heel is still there! You have probably been told to ice your foot, strap your foot or maybe even to wear a night splint.

    Maybe you are so confused now from the entire information overload on the internet or that you have heard along the way and you just need it to be put succinctly.

    And every morning you wake up and your “pain in the heel” lets you know that it is still there.

    NOW YOU ARE GETTING FED UP!! - The Plantar Fasciitis - VIPOD APP program can help!!