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    Point by Point is an easy way to control your feeding and ensure a healthy weight loss. All you need to know is your daily points limit (using our calculator) and register everything you eat. At the end of the day you will know how many points you have consumed. For example, if your limit is 300 points you should eat per day not more than 300 points. If you exceed the target, try to make up the next day. Use the points calculator, it will display your daily points limit so you can lose weight, your BMI and ideal weight.
    The tool allows you to track what you eat and the number of total points you eat per day. It allows you to track your weight day by day and plots in a chart your weight evolution, to motivate you more and more.
    The Points Diet was created to simplify the diet based on calories. One point is around 3.6 calories. So, if you miss a food/beverage in our database, just add the new food/beverage, inform a food description including the unit of measure (example 1 cup, 1 tsp (table spoon) and fill with number of calories of this portion. Select the correct food category and this new food will be stored in your local database.
    Points Diet. Healthiness. Good shape.

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