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    Pointster+ is a Weight Watchers calculator/tracker app with some unique features.

    - Track daily and weekly point balances.

    - Calculate food points using the Points, PointsPlus, or ProPoints (UK) system.

    - Calculate activity points using exercise intensity, duration in minutes, and weight.

    - Long-press, then drag calculated point values over daily or weekly balances to apply them.

    - Use gestures to apply point values without having to use a calculator - draw a number directly over the top of your daily or weekly total, and that number will be applied.

    - Optionally display your remaining daily balance in the notification area all day. Select the notification to quickly open the app.

    - Automatically reset your daily and weekly balance.

    - Edit the existing gestures and add your own custom gestures!

    - Search a database of over 7,000 food items to view their point values. This database is provided by the USDA; read more about it here:

    - Drag the point values of search results to apply them to your daily or weekly points.

    - Includes home screen widgets that display either your daily or weekly point balance, or your "healthy checks".

    Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions.

    This is not an official Weight Watchers app; I am not affiliated with the company in any way.

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